Monday, February 20, 2012

Review: Pathopak ration pack

I've been lax these last few days, having had a bunch of family happening going on, a weekend of activities with Triceratops Girl, my Aunt from Colorado came across the Pacific to visit and have just been run off my feet. However, here we are. I wanted to show you one of the specific survival preparedness items that I have developed. I have used one of the DGP Pathopak's that I previously reviewed and stuffed it full of of food and drink that will be long lasting, sustaining and comforting. Combining with a cooking and/or mess-set and some cool cutlery puts food in the table (or patch of blasted earth) which is very important for health and morale.
The 2L Pathopak has room for a regular sized can on top of a squat, "man-sized" meal-in-a-can can and whilst a tight fit, still seals shut. I rigged one of the numerous conference lanyards to be a sling and carry handle. This one is just a hand-stiched prototype, and not quite up to bartack stitching but have been able to test its load bearing ability pretty well running about carrying it by its handle. The content is quite variable, this iteration holds a tall can of fruit, and a tortellini bolognese meal-in-a-can.  Supplementing this is a packet of ready-to-eat rice. two powdered orange drinks and three sachets of powdered chai latte mix.

The contents of this tub are in no way meant to represent a full and nutritionally balanced diet, but there is sufficient food in there for several meals, with both hot and cold drink options. The canned food can be eaten cold, as can the rice, and the beverages can likewise be drunk cold, but most would be improved by cooking. Obviously, a good supply of potable water is essential in a survival situation, but having this kind of kit prepared, in such a way that I can throw a few into the car as needed, along with the rest of my kit, is a real boon. I figure I could load 10 or so up and have them ready to grab and go easily enough. They stack, and could be made up like an MRE to have a variety of menus. Good for camping, I think that will be my primary use for them, which gives me a opportunity to test the mix of contents, and see what needs changing, swapping or adding.

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