Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Review: Go! Outfitters - Apex Camping Shelter

Here's an addition to my camping hammock collection that I really wanted to get out to you ASAP, as it was a pre-release and is being launched via Kickstarter imminently. You may recall the Go! Outfitters camping hammock that I backed and covered not too long ago, as an addition to my hammock suite, which was a fully enclosed two part hammock, with an asymmetrical cut, to allow a flatter, more comfortable sling.

The enclosing flyscreen made it an ideal hot-weather outdoors hammock, and its built in ridgeline made it fairly easy to sling a waterproof tarp, or a poncho over to add some protection from the weather if needed, but Jason and the folks behind Go! Outfitters
already had something in mind, and that has come to fruition with the Apex Camping Shelter.

Less involved than the Seirra Madre Research Nube, the Apex is essentially a stand alone, purpose built shelter tarp, designed to be used in conjunction with the Go! Hammock, but equally suitable for any hammock, or even on its own.
The Apex is made from 70D polyester with PU (polyurethane)  waterproofing, in a elongated hexagon shape, much like an animal hide, and measures 335cm (11') along the ridgeline, and 290cm (9.5') wide. This makes it both long enough to enclose the G0! Hammock, but also wide enough to drape down around it, with a sizable leeway given at the top to stand up in, giving you ease of entry and exit to the hammock.

The ridgeline seam is factory sealed with tape for additional protection not only from the weather, but also taking the strain of keeping the Apex taut as well as reducing sag or bowing.

The Apex comes with a set of 6 stakes, and 8 guy-lines for both attaching to the tree you are hammocking from, but also to stake down the sides of the tarp. It comes with 6x 240cm (8') guy-lines and 2x 455cm (15') guy-lines, which really adds versatility to your set-up. The supplied lines are from a pretty common kind of nylon cord, not my favorite, but water-resistant and light.
Along the perimeter, 20 tie-out loops have been sewn in, for maximum versatility in the way and stability of the layout, given the situation you set up in. Each tie-in loop is affixed with a large triangle of sewn in reinforcement, which was an excellent consideration. As well as the ridgeline and corner points, the edges featured an additional 3 loops per side, whilst the ground-facing long edge of the Apex has a single extra. The side loops are likely to play host to a rumored Door Kit (watch this space), and the long edge loop can be set up with additional poles to add an even roomier, canopy-like interior.

The whole Apex kit comes in its own stuff-sack, which I was sad to see wasn't sewn into the body of the tarp, which would have matched the elegant solution the Go! Hammock had, but I can see why it wasn't. Doing so would leave a sag at which ever edge it was sewn to. An engineering problem for the next version perhaps! All told, it weighs around 800g (28oz) with 225g (8oz) being guy-lines and stakes and
565g (20oz) for the tarp itself.

The Apex Camping Shelter will be coming in Forest Green and Slate Grey and really rounds out a camping hammock kit, without adding significant bulk or weight to the mix. It was super simple to set up and pack-down, and I think it will be coming with me whenever I go camping and even out on long hikes. Staying out of the weather can not only be comfortable, but in some settings, really conducive to your survival.

Check it out when it goes live on Kickstarter!

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