Thursday, January 14, 2016

Events: 700,000 page views!

I had a bit of a milestone event, in that I've clocked over 700,000 page views, according to Blogger's analytics, with my daily stats having picked back up again, whilst I haven't been able to post as much for a variety of reasons in the last few months.

So here's where we are, I've done 563 posts, with 10 drafts in progress, 343 published comments (some are spam, I've been lax in deleting those) , I cross post on my Facebook Page, my Twitter, on Pintrest as well as Google+, and even Instagram, so follow my all over the place.

I also opened Tactical Coyote, my web-store.

Writing more and more (upwards of four times a month) for Breach Bang & Clear has been a great lift for me, there are some really good folks over there, I respect them a lot, they tolerate me and my lack of uniformed history, and I don't make fun of the cowboy hats and hoo-ah cold-dead-hands talk.

I think 2016 is going to be a really good year, lets see what we can see, and how prepared we can get for whatever is coming our way.

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