Friday, July 3, 2015

Wish Lust: Total Comfort Medical kneepads

I got an email from Joe Johnson, President and CEO of Total Comfort Medical got in touch with me. Joe had worked with Stephen Walden of Bosse Tools and remembered the Wish-lust article I did on the Ergonomic Shovel that Bosse Tools (I didn't happen to back that one, mostly due to the hefty shipping rates to Australia from the rest of the world) and wanted to get my opinion on his new product design.

TCM has developed a flexible kneepad, for use gardening, at work or at other activity you might be putting your knees through some hefty activity. 
I wear kneepads when ever I am adventuring, such as Tough Mudders or laser-tag events and mostly wear my now battered Blackhawk! kneepads, so it would be excellent to have another option, perhaps even a less-high-impact version, to better blend in or go unnoticed.

 The TCM pads are constructed with one inch thick foam core composed of two different layers. The top layer of padding is a real memory foam that contours around the knee of a user. It provides a soft point of contact that absorbs the initial pressure of your knee. The bottom layer of padding is an energy dispersing foam. This layer provides a sustained level of support.
The outer layer of the pad is a wicking fabric that is water resistant, oil resistant, and chemical resistant, meaning you’ll always stay dry and protected.

The knee pads are durable and weather resistant, you can use them inside or take them outside wherever your work requires. They have a hook-and-loop strip closure system, but have a wrap-around ergonomically designed curved strap that has been planned to prevent any pinching or binding behind your leg.

This has long been the bane of knee pads in my experience, and I have had some bad times going for long runs with pads on, so I look forwards to putting this design through its paces too.

Stay on the look out for these kneepads from TCM, I'll let you all know when they are available, and I've had a chance to put them through their paces.

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