Thursday, July 2, 2015

Review: Hardcore Hardware Australia - LFK-05

It was my birthday recently, and I was lucky enough to receive (from my mother, no less) this very nice piece from Hardcore Hardware Australia. This is a first because as far as I can recall, this is the first weapon gift I've received from her in all my 39 years. I guess she thinks I'm mature enough for cutting implements now...

I gifted Omega a HHA LFK01 knife for her birthday a couple of years ago, and it has featured as an accessory for numerous outings and adventures, be it wilderness or as a playtool for clubs that would give Mr Grey reason to pause. However, it took some time for me to get a HHA blade to call my very own, so I'm very leased to show off this, the newly released LFK-05.

I did a Sneak Peek piece on the new series, and their badder brother, the ASOT-01.

The LFK Series tools are designed primarily as overt carry, easy to reach back-up knives. These aren't thigh-sized jungle-slashers, these are close in and personal tools for when you need something small, shard and hardy.

Made from the same 6mm (0.23") D2 tool steel, as the original LFK-01,  with full tang construction  and a robust Teflon coating the blade isn't wrapped with paracord as previous HHA blades but is instead
nonslip, ergonomically carved , G10 handle scales offering a positive and comfortable grip, and are secured with Torx screw.

The neck of the blade features a grove for your leading (or little finger, if you are reverse gripping) and the spine features a broad sweep of jimping for secure thumb pressure. The spear point design offers exceptional strength, yet allows optimal maneuverability and edge-on geometry.

You can see the pronounced glass-breaker point at the rear end, which also features a lanyard hole as well as full beveling to remove any sharp corners.  Weighing in at 171g (0.37lb), this little knife only measures 172mm (6.77") in overall length, 70mm (2.75") of which is blade. The whole piece is only 45mm (1.77") at its widest.

Due to its size and weight, the LFK is an ideal choice where space on an assault platform may be limited, on a belt where bigger blades might be "too much knife". These heavy-duty blades also bridge the gap where full-sized, fixed blade knives may be unmanageable, and a folder a poor compromise. I prefer fixed blades to folders in most situations, and having a small fixed blade is something I find desirable.
I put up the LFK-05 against the LFK-01 here, as well as the comparably small but chunky MSM001 KA-BAR knife.

The blade is treated to a rather stiff

58 – 60 HRC which, thanks to the tool-tough D2 steel should put this in good stead for any task you care to throw at it.

The LFK-05 is friction locked in a smartly moulded Kydex ambidextrous sheath. A set of eyelets around the edge of the sheath allows it to be fitted with a Tek-Lok™ mounting system for belt carry, which can be customised in vertical or horizontal positions. 

Those eyelet holes along both sides of the sheath facilitates alternative attachment to the body or gear via paracord or cable ties, although I've found the friction lock too secure to work as a neck-knife, without wanting to give myself whip-lash. 
One thing I've found is that the fat-body G10 scale handle is not quite right for my bare hand, the gaps for finger grips and the finger grip at the neck don't quite mesh, just due tot the size of my hand. When gloved this is less noticeable, but something to note.  I didn't have this issue with the cord-wrapped LFK-01, however, it is not a big enough problem for me not to love it. 

This is a rugged knife, nicely sized for belt wear, and fitting to any number of spaces on a harness, pack or where-ever you might find yourself in the need of a solid blade in a little package.

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