Monday, July 13, 2015

Events: 500 posts!

I am very pleased to report that I've clocked over the 500 post milestone, which is a whole lot of knives, pouches, lights and rants opinions about safety, security and the end of the world!

[edit] over the weekend I also cleared the 600,000 hits milestone too, rather cuffed, all together.

I've been a bit slack with the content in the last few months, combinations of new new work situations, rolling seasonal illnesses at home and just so much LIFE going on has sometimes made it hard for me to spend time in front of a keyboard putting thoughts to pixels for you all, but I'll keep at it.

I've been really pleased with the reach I've been getting, and the responses I've gotten from both readers and makers. It's always a big thrill for me to hear that my review prompted someone to get some good kit themselves, or to have a manufacturer want to have me review a product.
I'd also like to thank the Breach Bang & Clear team for putting me on as part of JTF Mad Duo, it's been amazing to be a staff-writer. Now if only it could be my 9-5!

One new development I'd like to make you all aware of is that I'll be opening up an online store shortly, and you will be able to purchase some of the cool kit I've managed to secure access to. coming soon!

Thanks for following along, and as always, if love to hear any requests, suggestions and recommendations.

Be prepared, be safe, be Apocalypse Equipped!

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