Friday, May 1, 2015

Review: SORD - Specialist Insertion Platform

In my growing collection of SORD Australia product, which includes their 870 scabbard, the covert tactical hoodie and the finger-warming StormTrooper tactical muff, I also have been making good use of their low profile chest rig, for those times where I just want a couple of things on me, in cases where I'm either going to be moving fast and light, like running and scouting, or having to get into hard to reach places, like caving, climbing or tree-work, but I still want to have one or two needfuls on my person.

The SIP (Specialist Insertion Platform) is a light weight, low profile chest rig designed to fit under or with insertion equipment, be it under a reserve parachute, swimmer scout valise or worn as a standalone rig for TAG drivers or reconnaissance teams.

Weighing in at only 360g (12.6oz) it utilises 330D Cordura construction for minimal weight with full MultiCam tape webbing and ITW hardware at multiple points. 

Through some clever design, you have complete side release at the waist in one buckle for fast transition between the SIP to an Assault rig worn underneath, or just to strip it away entirely as needed. Additional buckles at the collarbone and for the kidney stability strap give you options for adjustments and adds to the don and doff design. 

This makes it quick and simple to get in and out of as you transition between mission phases, as the situation requires. 

The SIP is faced with three rows of four channel PALS/MOLLE, with a single horizontal column of three loos, giving you a single column of sideways attachment. Perfect for a cyclume stick, or a single stack pouch. 

At the top of the vertical PALS/MOLLE , a sleeve pocket, fixed with hook-and-loop closure allows access to a small area, big enough to fit a HAPO NAV BOARD or even a compact pistol holster, I have fitted mine with a map and compass, ID and the like. The inside of this sleeve is also lined with a strip of  loop-file, to ensure that whatever you can fix, is fixed, especially important for holsters, obviously. I would have liked to see a cord-loop in there, for dummy-cording, as I have in my Hill People Gear Runners Rig but I could always add this myself. 

The bottom of the SIP also features a standard hook-and-loop sandwich, which hinges up between the second and third rows for attaching dump pouches, the SORD StormTrooper or other pouches with sandwich fittings, such as the Platatac gasmask pouch.

The shoulder straps can be configured in both X or H style with removable cross bar to give you adjustment and wearing options.

Elastic cable retention on the shoulder straps offers even more stability, giving you a very stable, snug and secure platform to run those few needful items that you've loaded it with. I've done a couple of cross country jaunts with it, along with the StormTrooper, and a dump pouch, and had no troubles with it either chafing or bouncing. I was happy with the fit and the quick release, when it came time to dump it.
The MultiCam is spot on, (unlike that used in the Headsox I'm wearing here) and the fit to purpose is great. It is usually less carriage than I would want, but for those times where I want to run light, it's superb.

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