Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Wish Lust: Beacon- Waterproof,Solar Power Bank,Light and Signal Device

This is mostly a summary of published materials, for a cool piece of tech that I saw come up on Kickstarter, and wanted to pass along to you all, especially in light of my most recent camping adventures where we managed to keep most of our personal technology and lighting charged by a combination of solar and thermoelectric sources.

Smith & Bradley, the maker of tactical and sport watches representing three successful Kickstarter campaigns, has launched its fourth Kickstarter project, The Beacon is a unique outdoor survival box combining waterproof storage for electronics, solar charging, and LED beacon signaling. Enclosed in a light and rugged, efficiently sized package, the Beacon unleashes the power of solar energy to not only charge, but protect, electronic devices. Further, true to its name, the Beacon comes equipped LED lighting for both emergency situations and casual use as well.

These lights are not after-thought add-on's, but rather first rate lighting solutions.

The entire package is crush-proof, waterproof, submersible, and floats even with an electronic device enclosed.The Beacon represents a first-of-its-kind combination of charging, solar, lighting, and waterproof technology. The Beacon allows for storage of two typical mobile phones, contains 3 USB charging ports that can all be used at same time, and a Polymer lithium ion battery. The battery is charged either by traditional wall socket charging or through the Beacon’s high capacity solar panel on the top of the case. The Beacon goes beyond a mere gadget, or drugstore charger. It is a tool that is an absolute necessity for anyone who ventures outside of the urban jungle.
The Beacon is 17cm (6 3/4") x 11cm (4.5") and 5cm (2") thick The interior storage compartment is 27mm (1.06") deep. The Beacon weighs just 15 ounces The Beacon is fully waterproof and is designed to float either empty or with a device enclosed with a device on board.

As a sustainable solar energy source, the Beacon has a fully-enclosed and waterproof solar panel on the lid of the device. Depending on the amount of sunlight, the Beacon's 1.5 w solar panel can provide a full charge to the unit in 36 hours with a 17% conversion rate-meaning that and average iPhone will charge from zero in an hour and a half.
The Beacon may also be charged by a conventional wall outlet The Beacon uses a Polymer Lithium Ion battery to operate the lights and to charge electronic devices and has a 10,000 mAh rating.

 The top of the Beacon is fitted with 12 White High intensity LED lights and 8 yellow hue, low-intensity lights to retain adequate night vision and retain more charge. (TESTED visibility up to 1 mile in blinking mode). As to charging, the Beacon is equipped with three USB charging ports for phones and tablets.
The USB interfaces include 2 ports which are 5v 1.0A and, 1 port 5v 2.1A and the Beacon's built-in battery life indicator shows charge at 25% 50% 75% 100%.

So, it's a fairly well thought out device, I like that it can store and charge two devices simultaniously, securely, safe from both water and other environmental hazards.

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