Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Wish-Lust: Kickstarter - Keystone

I had one of my epic Kickstarting fanatic buddies drop me a line suggesting that he'd been contacted by a maker who was interested in a review. I got in touch, and here are the technical specifications for another key-keeper, with industrial lines ...

This is the Keystone, being Kickstarted.
You may recall that I have a couple of this kind of thing, in the form of the large and small TiKeY holders. So I am very keen to see how these perform once they go into production. Offered in two materials: 304 stainless steel in its "raw" colouration, and in 5052 aluminium in "raw", "gunmetal" and "black"

The hardware material, in the form of 2 male screw posts, 2 female screw posts, 4 extension screw posts and 30 spacers are all also made of 304 stainless steel. The Keystones are designed to take up to 20 keys, for those who have a keychain like a mace or a high school janitor. To carry 20 keys, you're adding 21g worth of hardware.

The steel Keystone frames weigh about 44g and the
aluminium frames weigh about 15g. Both types measure: 85mm x 20mm x 2mm per side.

The ultra thin screw posts are 3mm in diameter to fit all flat keys and by adding extension screw posts and adjusting the number of spacers used you can to customise the number of keys carried. The Screw Posts are adjustable with just a coin, a very handy feature.

I also liked the way the keys appear to be "ejected" for use, by squeezing the hand-divots from below.

I'm looking forwards to seeing what these are like in the hand, and both pocketed and hung from my EDC harness,
 and if they appeal, I'd certainly recommend checking out the Kickstarter, before it reaches the end of its campaign.

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