Monday, October 13, 2014

Wish Lust: books - The Knowledge

Its been a little while since I have done a book-review, which is a bit poor on my part, as there is a lot of preparation, survival and readiness material out there, and you are remiss if you rely only on the ephemeral and transient internet for this kind of learning and discovery.

My last report on this was to discuss the  Guide, Canning, Freezing, Curing & Smoking for meat keeping, Tan Your Hide! for turning skins into leather, The Urban Homestead for its down-home DIY ideas and Toolbox for Sustainable City Living for more of the same.

Several people have now suggested I check out this best-seller listed book, by Lewis Dartnell, "The Knowledge: How to rebuild our world from scratch"

I haven't sourced a copy yet, but from the excerpts and reviews I have read and been recommended, I think it will certainly be right up my, and perhaps your alleys. Here's what the website has to say for it...

"Maybe it was a viral pandemic, or an asteroid strike, or perhaps nuclear war. Whatever the cause, the world as we know it has ended and you and the other survivors must start again.
What key knowledge would you need to start rebuilding civilisation from scratch?
The Knowledge is a journey of discovery, a book which explains everything you need to know about everything. This is a quick-start guide for rebooting civilisation which will transform your understanding of the world – and help you prepare for when it’s no longer here…"
I'll add that the website also expands on the book, and the author has not been resting on their laurels, and has been adding content and links to other similar works. I get the feeling that he really cares about the topic, and it's not just a "publish or die" project but rather a central passion. I was impressed, and can;t wait to have a read myself. 

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