Thursday, October 23, 2014

Review: Kickstarter - Keystone

So in a brilliant turn of events, the prototype Keystone key-keeper that I did a wish-lust piece on last week, turned up this week, and I have been able to give it a go, just in time for the KickStarter to finish up.

What this means is that I can give you all some honest options about the kit in time for you to go and pledge to get one of your very own, should the idea appeal.

Here's the link to Abel's Kickstarter project .

I liked the smooth lines  of the keeper, and the built in cut-aways allowing me to use one set of keys to push out the other side, to retrieve the key I was after.

I swapped out my keys, and the associated keychain tools from my Tactical Keychains TiKeY keeper, which has served me well since last December to give it a true comparison.

One interesting design difference is the use of steel washers over nylon and rubber tubing. I had initially thought this would lead o a more jangly, slippier keeper, but it seems to have don the opposite, locked it down tight.

The steel screw-heads, even with their thin threading and thin overall pin diameter haven't caused me any of the worried I had had about the keys sliding about with either. In fact, if anything, the fit is TOO tight, and I have to really push to get my keys or tools out and ready to use.

That steel screw-head does take a lot more punishment than the more subtle aluminium heads seen on the TiKeY, and that durability is probably one thing really in its favour.

I put a steel face-plate on one side, and the black powder coated aluminium facing on the other, with no discernible difference at this stage. the steel will resist wear and tear better.

The nice thing about this system is that it is modular. Extra pegs mean you can add additional pegs to expand your key carriage by simply just adding one or two of those extra pegs, along with the extra included steel washers.

 Overall, I think I prefer the steel over the aluminium, in this case, I noticed no appreciable diference in weight in the time I've had it on hand.

I only had enough keys to warrant the single peg, but it was really nice to see the extra pegs be available to use. Between the extra pegs, and a sufficient washers to add as many keys as I'd want, its a really nice package.

This is certainly everything it advertises itself to be, and its rugged, secure and modular.

Go check it out, if you're in the market for a new key keeper.

Less jingle-jangle is less unwanted attention coming your way!

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