Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Wish-Lust: Kickstarter Juggernaut - iPhone 5 case

I've been terribly remiss, and wanted to quickly get a post up about a Kickstarter from Juggernaut Defense which is almost at the end of its pledge pitch, and has a ways to go.

Ever since I killed my iPhone 4 SLXtreme hard-case whilst doing Tough Mudder, I've been on the lookout for upgrades.

When I saw the iPhone5 Ruggedized/Wearable case from Juggernaut on Kickstarter, I knew I had to be in on the action.

These are some of the reward options, I'm especially keen on the PALS/MOLLE mount, and the forearm mount, as well as the case itself, which will be Water proof, Dust proof, Drop Proof - (to IP-67standards), the front screen will feature hardened anti-glare glass protection (whilst still being capacitive) and the case itself will be built for quick phone insertion and removal, as well as the quick release mounting options I mentioned before.

Two styles of chest mount: PALS/MOLLE if you're using a compatible vest or plate carrier (or even something like the Hazard4 Ventrapack) or a Sternum Mount to interfacing with a backpack, hydration pack, or other shoulder straps. The wrist mount, not unlike the Platatac Recce map holder it provides a hands-free use option, which secures over a range of sizes using a "BOA mechanism", especially suited to wear over clothing.The final mount option is the vertical backpack strap mount, which places the case in portrait (vertical) position. This mount is in development and Juggernaut promise to share updates as we build prototypes during the Kickstarter project.

The case itself (prototype pictured here) has a single opening end with a sealed access door allowing fast insertion and removal of your phone. It has a large robust latch, so there is no hassle with snap on or screw together cases where sealing can be compromised.

All phone controls are accessed through sealed, nickel plated stainless steel button modules, although the Fingerprint scan is not an option.

All phone cameras and LED flashes use optically clear sealed lenses so that the camera and flash work while inside the case, that's a real boon, especially considering the fuzzy photos I took with the SLXtreme case. The data/charge connection is accessed through a sealed door on the bottom of the case and secured by a captive thumbscrew, which cant be lost or dropped, compromising the case.

All in all this is a really impressive case, and system as a whole, and I really hope that it funds, or if not, that they end up doing a production run at some stage.

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