Monday, March 5, 2012

Review: Platatac Recce Map Pouch

Welcome back viewers, I've been having urban adventures and haven't had time till now to post something, but here we go, hot off the shelf and field tested Thursday night whilst on my Tough Mudder training run.Its been raining a lot here in Melbourne, and I wanted something to house my iPhone whilst I was trudging around the course so I could check my pace and time with the Trails App I use. Previously I've shown you the iPhone case I use which, combined with a screen guard, gives me some incidental rain protection, and has a carabiner to attach it to myself, but for running, I wanted something that would be strapped down, to avoid the flapping gear-effect. Its bad enough that I wear boots and cargo shorts, compared to my lycra and Nike wearing team-mates, without having tech swinging off me as well. So I of course, turned to my favourite Tactical gear supplier, who had a solution for me! This is the Platatac Recce Panel.

It consists of a 1000D Cordura pouch fastened with a hook-and-loop strap, that is mounted to the wrist by two wide elastic cuffs, which feed through loops in the heavy 25mm webbing sewn into the back of the pouch. The loops and pouch itself are ambidextrous, just a matter of swapping the sides and adjusting the elastic loops to fit. The elastic comes with heavy nylon buckle furniture and hook-and-loop fixtures. On my bare skinny wrists the hand-end loop was in fact too thin for the hook-and-loop to bite, so I need to loop the elastic back through the buckle, which worked just fine, all in all giving a very secure and stable platform for all my Predator Wrist Device needs. The spine of the pouch sports an elastic pen-pocket, which is a nice touch. I need to find myself a good sturdy pen to fit snugly in there, "for close encounters". The magic of this pouch however is within the cordura flap. There are two heavy clear plastic pockets, one folded on top of the other, for storing maps and documents.

 The"top" pouch is double sided, and features an unsealed(but "internally" opening close to the middle seam, which comes as the first layer when the pouch is opened up. Closer to the wrist is a single-sided pocket, also clear plastic fronted, with a hook-and-loop seam on the one side. Wearing this on my left wrist, the hook-and-loop is on my arm-side. There is sufficient room in the inner pocket to fit my iPhone4S in its case, and seal the pouch up, and still have my headphones trailing out (to listen to music and the Zombies, Run! immersive running app I also use. However, in its case, the screen is difficult to access, and the capacitance is reduced. Out of its skin, everything worked just fine. I found this to be a great addition to my running kit, and whilst I wont be taking my phone on the Tough Mudder, I will certainly consider using this for both my regular camping and adventuring, and as part of my Stargate Lasertag LRP kit. Having maps and orienteering documentation on hand, as well as GPS data from my phone will be a very desirable. I was thinking I could mount one of my solar collectors to the back of the unit, to charge-on-the-go.

This was an occasion where the tool really does fit the need, and I am very glad to have added this to my collection and to my kit.

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