Thursday, November 28, 2013

Home Front: Pervasive mentality

I know I spend a lot of time talking about gear. Packs, gadgets, clothes, pointy things, and this is a really important part of the message I like to get out there to you all, but obviously that's not all that it is about. Having the right gear is only part of being "Equipped".

For those of a gaming bent, you'll already be familiar with the idea of "stored" vs "equipped" gear and items. Having the right goodie is totally different to having it to hand.

Take this pile of loot: All on me, all day long, more or less.

Great, but what about the bag you left in your car? where IS your car, how do you get to it, and once there, how do you get away from a crisis?

I tend to take a photo of the bay my car is in, so its on my phone in the event I can't find it, or need to relay that information along.

That kind of thinking, which my friends at Oscar Delta would refer to as "Disruptive Thinking", and I am all for it. Know your exits, and as Gen Mattis, USMC (ret.) was once quoted as saying "Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everybody you meet"
Harsh, perhaps, but certainly through provoking.

I live in a very permissive environment. I can for the most part, go where I want, when I want. There are some places that I can go, and things I can do that I might not be supposed to, that I am able to, without dire consequences. I'm lucky. I also know that that might change. Access might be blocked, briefly, or permanently, through cataclysm, legislation or hostility.

The best I can do, is to try to be ready. to be mentally prepared, and aware. To be trained, and tested. For me, that also includes passing this mentality on to those around me, even very subtly. Be safe, be aware, out there. 

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