Friday, June 28, 2013

Review: Platatac - FAD Carrier

FAD carrier pic from Platatac's website, FAD in place
A little while back I went in to Platatac asking about how I could mount my Fiskars log-splitter to my kit when I was camping and tramping. I tried out their exceptional (but not quite fit for my purpose) FFE Holster. One of the other suggestions was to use one of their other pieces of kit, the FAD Carrier. Designed to carry a First Aid Dressing kit, this lightweight platform was easily re-purposed to suit my need.

I love it when a plan comes together.

The key to this piece are the webbing eyelets that are found at each corner, two to each corner in fact, one "inwards" and one "outwards", mounted to a light nylon panel with two sets of PALS/MOLLE straps on the rear.

In the unadulterated original format, a length of shock cord is cris-crossed through those eyelets, with a cord-lock to cinch it tight. This enables the user to stow a FAD securely and yet readily accessible at a moments notice by simply grabbing and yanking it free. Crucial for when saving seconds mean saving lives.

You can see here the twin webbing eyelets which I have rethreaded with a length of paracord as I found for my purpose, the shock-cord was too springy, under the weight of my axe. Looped paracord, held in place by those eyelets did the job perfectly.

The whole thing doesn't measure more than 8 cm (3") to a side, and given the placement of the eyelets, can be rigged horizontally or vertically, to suit your need.

A quick look at the rear shows the PALS/MOLLE panels that are ubiquitous to all of Platatac's gear, with its 2 channel, 2 row configuration.

Whilst a little tricky to get affixed, at this short a length, once attached this is a rock-solid platform.

In fact, the carrier was so solid, that I wanted to give it a try in a slightly different configuration, as a mounting system for my much loved Zombie Tools Deuce sword.

You may recall I showed off one carry option for the Deuce in my Apocalypse Equipped; No, Really Mayan 2012 non-event post, where I had it lashed through an eyelet to my 215 Gear sling but I found that the Platatac FAD worked a treat.

 The eyelets of the carrier matched almost exactly with the eyelets in the scabbard of the Deuce, and when lashed in with the same paracord I had used to secure my axe, I found that I could create a PALS/MOLLE fixture to my scabbard in up to six points along the scabbard.

This meant that I could wear it on a belt, lash it to my rig, or a pack, or pretty much anything with 2x2 PALS/MOLLE. The same would go for any other kit y0u needed lashed.

So, from a tiny piece of kit, so many opportunities arise. I really like this, and it was such pure chance that just by talking out what I wanted to do, the idea came to use the FAD carrier.


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