Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Quick Question for Aussie readers.... MS Clean

Would any of you in Australia be interested in picking up one of these slide-opening, hard sided, magazine shaped cases?


The guys behind them are willing to ship me a box of 12 of them, at around $15 a case, plus $60 or so for shipping to Australia, for a total of about $20 a pop. (They are not offering international shipping as part of their bid, so are doing me a solid favour).

Designed to fit any standard magazine pouch (like the FUP, SCAR chest rig, 60 rnd Pouch, or the like), whilst being slightly too large for the magazine well of a rifle (to avoid that kind of accidental loading). Enough room to hold all your standard rifle cleaning needs, but also a great size for a bunch of other items...

I would love to get a few for myself for use in lasertag MilSim and costuming, as well as the cool factor, but I can't really justify getting a dozen of them, so I am putting it out to you my Aussie readers ... fancy one, willing to chip in and/or buy one when they come i, later in the year? You'd be one of the only Australians with one, as they don't think they'd ship any others over the Pacific.

Message me on apocalypseequipped@gmail.com and I'll let Pete and Trevor know. Help me help a couple of Texan lads out with their cool idea.

1 comment:

  1. Did you end up backing these? I'd grab a couple if you've got any spare.


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