Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Review: Platatac - FFE holster

I've mentioned before how good it is to be able to go to a supplier with a problem, and ask for solutions, without getting a hard sell. It's one of the reasons I am so fond of the Platatac guys, and why I point people in their direction when I get asked for equipping questions.

Here's a case in point.

When at Confest I did a bunch of wood chopping with my trusty Fiskars logsplitter and needing some way to carry it about, I slung it behind my Bravo hydration pack. Not very comfortable, but it worked. I wanted a better solution, and posed it to the guys at Platatac.

This is the Fix Freaking* Everything FFE holster. The idea was that the head of the Fiskars axe could sit in the throat of the holster, buckled down and snug under the dual press-stud and hook-and-loop safety of the fully adjustable retention straps. Alas, it was not to be, the geometry of the axe and holster just didn't match up.

However, I did get to play with a very cool holster, which they kindly loaned me to test out the theory.

Here's what I can tell you about it.
Constructed from the same 100d Cordura that almost all the Platatac range is built from, this multi-layered holster is stiffened throughout with extra stitching and layering. This gives it a very sturdy and form fitting shape, perfect for weapon retention.

The back side features two channels of 4 row PALS/MOLLE strapping, which gives a very solid attachment to a chest-piece, thigh rig or belt.

Opening up the outer layers, you observe the multiple sandwiching sides of hook-and-loop, giving you a wide range of customisation, both in models of handgun (like, in the extreme, my Plastation lightgun used here) and also accessories (lights, sights).

This is accomplished by having those overlapping layers of double sided hook-and-loop panels, allowing the fit to contour to the system carried. You can see here that the retention strap itself can also be adjusted, to conform to the  back geometry of the pistol retained.
Unfolding further, you can see that the inside of the holster also features a webbing loop, to form a pocket to contain the muzzle end.

From this angle you can also see the snap end of the press-stud retainer. This is also adjustable, but is very tightly fitted between two very closely sewn layers of hook-and-loop, making it a tricky operation, but a very ridged hold when in place. This retainer is further stiffened with a rigid plastic core, for added security.

 Opening the holster up flat exposes more clearly the single channel of three PALS/MOLLE loops, allowing the addition of a single pistol magazine or accessory pouch, to the leading edge of the holster.

Comparing this to the drop-leg holster I reviewed a while back seems unfair, because this is obviously the real deal.

So, an experiment that didn't work out, but a very useful one, and in the end, I -DID- come up with a solution to the "carry the axe about" problem, with the help of the guys.... to follow soon ....

* Actual wording my vary, but I adjusted for delicate USAnian readers.

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