Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Review: CRKT - Eat'N Tool

I really love my pocket tools, and I really love it when they are multifunction. I also love eating, and am really quite fond of proportional violence. I have several pieces of eat-wear in my collection already, the Alpha Set from Sea to Summit being one example, and my Snowgum BattleSpork (same article) being another. So when I felt the need to splurge on a bit of eating tech, I picked some of these up. This is the CRKT Eat'N Tool. I like CRKT, they have elegant and functional tools, like my STIFF KISS camping/car knife and Folding KISS EDC knife

Once again, CKRT have come up with the goods.

The Eat'N Tool is primarily a spork, with a nice dish (although probably not what you'd always want to eat your soup with) and four little tines, very elegantly worked into the tip. Made of
3CR13 steel and available in a bead-blast finish (9100C), or with a food grade black non-stick coating (9100KC) like the once I have here. 

The tool's scalloped sides and center hole give a good comfortable grip, and enough purchase to be used as an improvised mood-adjustment tool (like the Nukotool Skully)

A bottle opener is always a welcome addition! 
 On the back side, three metric wrench reliefs (10 mm, 8 mm, 6 mm) give you some on hand adjustment options of another kind, again aiding to reduce the overall weight down to a mere 43g (1.5 oz). A flathead screw driver adds another on-the-spot fix-it tool to the package, as well as

There is also a lanyard hole, for even more dummy-cording goodness. 

The Eat'N Tool is friendly in the pocket, I haven't gouged myself on it yet, nor did it gouge my hip pocket (proverbially, as I don't carry my wallet back there).

I'm thinking of giving them away to friends for Giftmas...

Eat'N Tool Dark Edition
Click here to go to Think Geek to get one ...

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