Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Review: Swiss Army Chocolate

Here is a fun one, a way to re-engergise your apocalypse. I've had a variety of Swiss Army Knives over the years, from the Classic, to the Camper and all the way up to the hefty Swiss-Champ. These were my first knives, and my first survival item. However, I was gleefully surprised to see something else on a shop counter recently:

Here is the Swiss Army Chocolate (not by Victorinox), and Here's what I think about it: Chocolate rations go back a really long way but as the record shows, they weren't designed to be yummy, but as "emergency energy bars". Well, fortunately, times have changed, and these bars are in fact delicious. I picked up a dark, and a milk chocolate version and you can see the "Nutritional Information" listed here for both. Important to note is the 1100kJand 1080kJ energy per 50g listed for both, which is just a shade under the 1116kJ per 50g in the WW2 Logan Bar or D Ration. 

These bars however are also caffeinated, with 45mg and 30mg in the dark and milk varieties.  All the better to see you through when a burst of awareness and to shake off fatigue when it starts to set in. These bars also feature crushed conrflakes, which adds a pleasing and interesting texture.

Having a long lasting energy food source like chocolate bars is an ideal emergency backup, easy to store, long lasting (these bars have a "best-before" of just about two years from date of purchase). The slim size of the bar means I can slip them into my Bullock Echo daypack without even noticing the added bulk.

Each of the bars is divided into six pieces and sealed into an easy-tear plastic pouch withing the paper wrapper. This would hopefully keep the bar water-proofed (remembering that storm and flood-water is likely contaminated, and the CDC recommend caution), I'm delighted to have come across these bars, and I think I will stock up on them, because, who knows ....

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