Thursday, October 4, 2012

Review: Strike Industries - Vertical Loop sling mount

In my quest to build myself a lasertagger for the Stargate Lasertag LRP that I am involved in, I have been accessorizing the tagger that I already have access to, to add to the "look and feel" of the simulation that we do.  One of the things I've found is that most of our home-made taggers lack the kinds of built-in sling-mounts that one would find on a real firearm, which makes mounting a sling problematic.  The electronics-filled MDF bodies can still weigh quite a lot, and because we are cabled into both the sensors and the controller-box, its not just a matter of "putting the tagger down" to do something, you are literally tied to your tagger. 

Rather than drilling an additional hole to put an eye-bolt, or the like in, or going full-ghetto with cable-ties or webbing I wanted to see what I could find to do it "right".  Because we put rails on the tops of many of the taggers to add red-dot's and the like, I realised I could make use of one of the  Strike Industries - Vertical Loop sling mount to give me my attachment point!
This piece of hardware spans two of the rail "ridges" with a bolt securing it. Simple enough as a concept, but the proof is in the engineering, as the case may be.

The body of the mount is of a T6 6061 aluminium construction with a hard anodized matte black finish. The securing pin is steel, but the real utility comes from the mounting ring itself. This spans both sides of the Picatinny MIL-STD-1913 compatible rail and is split to allow it to be tensioned firmly to the rail.

The loop itself is very cleanly machined, with no places to snag or catch, and is amply dimensioned to accommodate the paracord loop or harness snaps of a variety of sling attachments. Here I have it attached to my 215 Gear Sling.

Being completely adjustable, it is possible to move and reposition this sling mount anywhere that features two rail ridges.

This is a low profile, light and sleek accessory, perfect for what I needed, and is certainly fit for purpose.

I look forwards mounting it to my purpose built laser-tagger, once it's built.

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