Friday, October 12, 2012

Home Front: Preppers in the media

So, I've started watching the fun National Geographic docu-series "Doomsday Preppers" which I must say is falling right into the slot I pegged it at. It's not actively making fun of preppers, not making them out to be crazies, in fact the opposite, it is showing a fairly broad spectrum of people with a variety of outlooks, concerns and abilities.  Obviously they only televised the ones deemed "entertaining", and again, obviously, only filmed the people who consented to being documented.

That said, there have been some really interesting trends I noticed:

1) It was assumed that in almost every case, violent roving bands of marauders would need to be fought off with firearms, which were freely available to both prepper and perp.

2) A high proportion of urban preppers would endeavor to "bug-in" regardless.

3) A surprisingly high proportion of preppers were not in what I would call "good" physical shape.

I guess the things about these three points that caught me were that in my current situation, without a readily firearm equipped population, there wouldn't be as much emphasis on taking proportional force to the firearms level. That said, I have taken my first steps in this direction, albeit baby-steps, in getting my Paintball Marker License (yeah, really ...).

Secondly, the urban "bugging-in" (buggers-in seems to make me giggle) crowd whilst taking advantage of their ability to stockpile LOTS of supplies, didn't seem to do much to take into account the possibility of the physical location being devastated. Suburbs burn, and if mains water and Fire Departments were out, that could be a big problem. Maybe it was just my experiences with bushfires and big storms that made me worry.

Thirdly, and this is the most problematic personally, what do you do if you are less physically able, or members of your family are? We have little people to look after. Triceratops Girl and Tactical Baby are incapable of doing anything useful at 16m and 4y. That's a given. My partner Omega just had knee-surgery to repair damage from a fall. We have a house of people who are not super-soldiers. So, like the less than peak-condition people in the NG show, what do we do? The best we can.

The ideas behind disaster preparedness are to be ready to adapt and survive through the disaster that you are faced with. To some extent that means being stocked and supplied, partially to plan and have the forethought to have contingencies, and the rest is to be skilled and trained.

In my opinion, regardless of all the cool kit that I review, the key to being Equipped for the Apocalypse, is being mentally and socially prepared.

Knowing what you are capable of, knowing what your family is capable of, and having THEM steel themselves, can be your greatest advantage. Understanding the foibles of other humans is also a big part of this, and on this, I'll leave you with a quote from R.A. Heinlein, from his "Time Enough For Love" :
Never appeal to a man's "better nature." He may not have one. Invoking his self-interest gives you more leverage.

I'm looking forwards to more of NG's "Doomsday Preppers",to the next season of AMC's "Walking Dead" and to NBC's "Revolutions", when we get around to watching it

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  1. Dooms Day preppers is a fun show and alot very informtive of the way a lot of people think about these things. It was also what got me interested in shipping container housing but thats another story.

    Def worth the watch.


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