Thursday, February 25, 2016

Wish Lust: Disgruntled Deck

Just surviving the Apocalypse isn't necessarily enough, sometimes morale is needed, and keeping spirits up can be key to that. Games make an excellent tool for doing that, and something as simple as a deck of cards have been included in packs and duffels for a long, long time for that very reason. A deck of 52 though, lacks a certain humorous element, which is where something like Cards Against Humanity comes in. However, they themselves lack a certain saltyness, which is where the Kickstarter for Disgruntled Decks excels.  
Disgruntled Decks is a card game for military service members and grizzled Veterans who enjoy getting together and laughing about their time in the service. Disgruntled Decks can be played by itself or integrated with a Cards Against Humanity deck.
The creators titled this first deck "The Army Edition" because it features some topics that would be familiar to U.S. Army Soldiers and Veterans. However, there are more than enough general military cards to make the game enjoyable for service members and Veterans from any branch of the armed forces.

The game works just like the now very popular Cards Against Humanity game.
The "Card Commander" will read aloud an OD green Mission Card and "Subordinate" players will submit their grey Course of Action (COA) cards with possible answers.
The Card Commander chooses the best COA regardless of the Subordinates' opinions, just like in the military! You win by having the most COAs chosen. It's that simple!

The deck is composed of 90 OD green Mission Cards and 310 grey Course of Action cards. For those with poor ASVAB scores, that equals 400 cards!
Here's a fun fact about the card design:
- The font is a typewriter font found on portable typewriters used during WWII. In other words, your grandpa killed Nazis and then typed out his AAR or a love letter in this font. Nice.
Another really nice thing about this project is in the backer levels, you can opt to get a set for yourself, and have another gifted to a wounded veteran, bringing some much needed dark joy to someone who could probably do with some.
Disgruntled Decks is shipping to selected non US locations, so I jumped on it, but if you don't need outside of US shipping, and are keen on adding another similar project, you could also look into War Games LLC's FUBAR, another salty and dark, military themed game, which is also cross compatible with Cards Against humanity.
Or get both, get extra fun-times for your stretch in the bunker!

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