Monday, February 29, 2016

Review: Camoflague in an Aussie setting

A while ago I had the thought to take a bunch of my camo gear out into the bush and do a compare and contrast of several different colour and pattern schemes. I also wanted to do so to show off the kinds of terrain I can expect to encounter in my local region and showcase that for you all.

In my collection I have the following,
3-Colour Desert Cam
AUSCAM DCPU hearts and bunnies
British Woodland DPM
US Woodland

All laid out, they make a pretty discordant pile ...

Read the rest of my findings on Breach Bang & Clear

Brown in the Scrub

3-Colour Desert Cam in the Scrub

Arid AUSCAM DCPU in Scrub

AUSCAM DCPU in the Scrub

Woodland DPM in the Scrub
Woodland in the Bush
Multicam in the Scrub

ATACS-AU in the Scrub

Brown in the bush

3-Colour Desert Cam in the Bush
Arid AUSCAM DCPU in the Bush
AUSCAM DCPU in the Bush
Woodland DPM in the Bush
Woodland in the Bush
ATACS-AU in the Bush
Multicam in the Bush


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