Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Review: Kickstarter - Keystone2

I did a review a while back of a key holder project that was Kickstarted  by Abel Ang and I was impressed with its elegance then, so was very pleased to hear that he had a new and improved version on the cards. He sent me a prototype, and asked me to write up my impressions of it, for when the new Kickstarter which is about to go live.

I really hope that this new launch works well for Abel, and want to give you some honest options about the kit in time for you to go and pledge to get one of your very own, should the idea appeal.

The finish of the frames has been improved, with a brushed surface and is anodized rather than powder coated, which will mean a much longer lasting surface finish, keeping your key-keeper looking neater. The body is 5mm longer, to a total of 90mm allowing you to store longer keys.  The scew-heads have been slimmed down and are now offered in two sizes, to allow as few as two keys to be stored, for a very elegant system. The same extra spacer bars are included and allow you to for as many as 20 keys.

Another improvement is the bolt holes have been pared down from 4mm to 3mm such that the bolts fit very snugly, eliminating the rattle that the old version was a little prone to. That rattle allowed a slight wobble that continually loosened the screw-heads.  Tighter tolerances mean less noise.

The improvements all add up to a considerably better key-keeper, and I was only too pleased to pass the new prototype on my partner Omega, who happens to always loose loose keys, and has quite the penchant for red, so it was a perfect gift to pass on.

If you have keys, you should totally look into getting one of these.


  1. Blatant plagiarism of idea? It looks just like this one, even down to the anodized material: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2065501355/smartkey-free-your-pocket/description

    1. it's certainly very similar, but this kind of key-keeper isn't really that particular. I'll leave the plagarism review up to Kickstarter, which polices this kind of thing internally. If both projects were green-lighted, who are we to say what is original? Send me a SmartKey and I'll review that too ... and even happily compare and contrast.


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