Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Too much pistol?

Do you own a pistol? If so, I'd love to hear your feelings about it. I don't, as legislative requirements (and costs, to be fair) to do so are more than I want to go through for what would be for me, just a hobby. However, I know that some of you readers do, so I have some honest questions for you, regarding how, what and why. I'd love to hear your stories, and to report them back in a future article, with your permission.
What it come down to is:
How much pistol is too much pistol?

-"I'm looking for a really big gun, that holds a lot of bullets" - Kuffs (1992)

what is your current go-to pistol?
what caliber and cartridge, and was this a deciding feature?
what is your motivation to own a firearm?
what was your motivation to carry a firearm?
do you open-carry, concealed-carry or store-secure?
what features of your pistol made it appealing for your use?
what training have you had?
what regular training do you perform?

Feel free to comment below, or send me an email at
Apocalypseequipped@gmail.com if you'd like to answer some, any or all of those questions for me to use in an upcoming article.

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