Thursday, August 6, 2015

Reblogging: Target as a bug-out-locaton

My awesome partner Omega is constantly on the lookout for articles and gear for me. She turned up a great one, from Kayla of Chicago who has a Tumblr blog. Kayla came up with a very similar assessment for Target as a bug-out-location as I have done for Bunnings, and Ikea

If there was a zombie apocalypse the best place to go would be Target.
Lets look at the facts:
  • Targets have at maximum 3 windows. And those windows are also doors. Otherwise they are giant concrete cinder-blocks of prison like retail. 
  • Target is filled with things to quickly barricade those window-doors. such as entire gazebos, lawn furniture, exercise equipment, etc. 
  • From that point forward all you have to do is worry about the zombies that are inside.
 Follow the rest of Kyla's post here:

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