Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Review: Fenix - E99Ti light

I really enjoy flashlights (torches, they call them here), and if it's not a knife, a pouch or packs that arrives in the mail, its likely to be a torch of some kind. My first Fenix torch was the TK-51, which I got following meeting their CEO and VP at the SSAA SHOT Show. I was fairly devastated when a fortnight or so ago, my car got broken into, and one of the things I lost was the TK-51. I had the majority of my performance lights in the car that night, and was left somewhat in the dark as a result.

Thankfully, I had recently received this little beauty in the mail, having won a competition with Fenix Worldwide. This is their Limited Edition E99 Ti.

The E series is for EDC, where the TK is for Tactical. This light does the job perfectly. At just 6.6cm long, and 1.5cm in diameter, it is only marginally bigger than the AA battery it is powered by. It is machined from two pieces of alpha titanium4 alloy, this unit weighs just 18g (0.6oz) without the battery in it.

It comes with a flatish flanged base, and a lanyard hole drilled into one of the flanges. I quickly added it to my keychain of goodies and it's ridden in my pocket ever since.

4 lumen - low, 3m outdoors
4 lumen - low, 3m room

The Cree XP-E2 LED has a lifespan of 50,000 hours, and the digitally maintained brightness circuit ensures constant brightness. The cool thing with this light is that it has three settings, activated by the screw-to light top of the light. a 1/6th turn of the head is enough to trigger the light, and by selectively turning it on and off again, in a 2-second window, the light steps up from a subdued 4 lumen, to a mild 27 lumen, and up to its maximum 100 lumen output.

27 lumen - medium, 3m room
27 lumen - medium, 3m outdoors

100 lumen - high, 3m outdoors
Capable of standing up securely on a flat surface to serve as a candle, and able to cast to a maximum of 41m, which is not small feat for a single AA light, the E99 offers a 420candlepower maximum intensity. That's a whole lot of light. It comes at a cost though, at maximum brightness, you only get 50 minutes tops, at medium 4 1/4 hours, and somewhere between 28-30 hours at the lowest setting.  The twist-to use and change feature took a little getting used to, but it is stable, and robust.

100 lumen - high, 3m room

 Again, that's still a lot of light for such a small package. It dies get hot after not long on the 100 lumen setting, and a built in drop-down to medium after about 3 minutes is built in, for safety. Drop safe to1m (table height) and water resistant (IPX-8 rated) to 2 m this light will take the bumps and dunks that you might expect to just be able to shake off yourself too. I imagine it would take a fair bit more abuse, but given that it lives in my right front pocket, I will try to avoid testing that too heavily.

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