Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Review: ITS - Urban SERE kit

I like to increase my skillsets as often as possible, as well as staying on top of my sleek EDC needs so I am always on the lookout for new kit that I can both have on hand, but also try out new techniques and learn new things. The Urban Kit from ITS Tactical is a perfect example of this.

Held in a sliding plastic case 8cm x4cm x1.5cm, it contains a number of very cool SERE elements in a very compact package. The tools include:
  • A folding razor / saw, with inch and mm rulers provides a safety knife and a sturdy saw.
  • A diamond encrusted wire saw/file, great for cutting through chains, filing rough edges
  • Handcuff Shim, the flexible, rounded key for opening cuffs (in the case of unlawful restraint)
  • Quick Stick, the stiff pointed metal key for popping many padlocks open by bypassing the pins, and reaching lock shackle itself.
  • two coin/button sided, polymer Universal Handcuff Keys, (again, for escape from unlawful restraint, with double-locking pin)
  • A ceramic razor blade, because having a small, non-magnetic blade in your SERE kit can have all kinds of uses, and remember, if they can't find it, they can't take it ...
  • 1.8m (6') of 85kg (188 lbs) test yellow Kevlar cordage, for both friction sawing, but also a variety of other purposes, you can only boggle at.
  • 1.8m (6') Stainless-Steel Coated Leader Wire which gives you an even stronger line than the Kevlar cord, but its specific properties can also lend itself to a whole other raft of uses. 
  • Lastly the very cute, Grade AA button compass, what's not to like with having a compass in your EDC? Nothing at all. 
All in all, this is a great little kit. It fits in my pocket with ease, leaving very little indication it is there, and does just as well in my pack. This is a very compact way to not only collect, but also carry some really good tools for many of your urban SERE needs.

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