Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Review: "Rambo" mini machette

One of the self-appointed stoke rehab tasks I set myself was to clear some of the backyard jungle, to make way for an over-arching clean-up we badly needed. Normally for brush-clearing I would turn to my Ontario Blackwind, or perhaps one of my other-mid-ranged sized blades, or even turn to my petrol powered brush-clearer, but I wanted to get some physical exercise and didn't want to be swinging long-blades round where there were metal-posts and the like in there field of fire.

As it happened, I had had this particular blade sitting on the shelf, never used. The backyard jungle is clogged with morning glory vine. It's a fast growing and tenacious vine and needs a fair mount of chopping to get through it. I thought this would really do the trick. Weighing in at 1.25kg (2.75 lbs) with an overall length of 37 cm (14.5"). The blade makes up a hefty 20cm (8") of that.

See the rest of the article here on Breach Bang & Clear!

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