Thursday, December 14, 2017

review - Kogalla battery

I'm a fan of my electrical gadgets, and with that comes the need to keep them charged on the go. whether it be in transit, on the trail, out cutting wood or doing chores, I like to listen to my tunes, stay in touch with the news and my feeds and all of that takes electron juice. 

I have a collection of batteries, from simple vending machine ones to those that came as bonus to some of my solar chargers like the Kogalla solar bank I recently covered.

I've covered some of my battery collection as well in the Limefuel by Limeaid . 
But, this new one is very nice. The  Kogalla BatPak 2 is a rugged, rechargable storage bank. Designed specifically to power the Kogalla RA Adventure Light, it also does a great job charging phones.

Built with  a whopping 48,580 mWh charged by a 5V, 2.1A Micro USB port. Outputs are by 3 5V 2A USB ports. which can be run simultaneously, for a 3.7V/13,400mAh capacity

Compared to the vending -machine issued Promate charger ,with only 10,000mAh with a 5V 1A and 2A dual outputs. The power dense Kogalla BatPak 2 is wallet sized and fits nicely in a pocket.

With its triplicated power outputs, and compact size, the BatPak 2 is a remarkably portable and powerful tool to keep your gadgets and devices charged on the go.
The protective case is simple and simple, with a single texture and  few extrusions, high- speed, low drag indeed!

I keep it charged up and couple it with a rugged Lightning cable to keep my iPhone charged. It usually sits in a side pouch of , my EDC pack the Mystery Ranch 1DAP but it just as easily sits in cargo pocket of pants or tucked away in my Hazard4 Escape RG harness.

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