Friday, September 2, 2016

Review: Lumintop Tool AAA flashlight

I've been very remiss about this one, this little light has alternated between sitting in the bottom of a couple of bags, and then pockets of both pants and jackets. This is both to its credit and a flaw, but I'll get to that.

The Lumintop Tool AAA is a very diminutive light, at just over 8cm (3.2") long, and around 30g (1oz) it really is pocket sized. Taking a single AAA battery, the machined aluminium body is less wide than a single AA battery.

A single tail cap button at the rear enables the user to cycle between the three light modes with momentary toggling, which starts at a Medium of 32 lumens, then to a 5 lumen Low setting and ramping up to a 110 lumen High setting. I really like this pattern, with a medium setting to get you out of the dark, a low setting next to enable you to do your dark-work without disrupting your night vision or drawing unwanted attention at the Watergate Hotel.

Having the High setting last means that you have to call it up and not only reserve battery power, but also maintain control over the amount of light you throw, till you need it.

Another excellent feature is that once the tail cap switch is "on", the head is on swivel, allowing twist-driven switching between the three modes and "off". There are o-rings sealing the unit at both the head end and tail-cap end, either of which can be used to replace the battery.

My favourite aspect though is that the detachable two-way clip, which enables you to fix the light directly to a cap-brim, giving you a keychain sized head-lamp at a moments notice. You won't be using it to chase alligators in the sewers, but find yourself with full hands in the rain and having dropped that screw from your widget, and you have yourself a good-to-go tool for the job. It's low weight makes it ideal for this use.

It's tiny size means it gets lost easily, especially if you have a lot of loose gear rattling about. AAA's are not high-power, or long lasting, but for occasional utility use, they'll do. Threading a lanyard through either of the lanyard loops in the tail-cap, or clipping it to a keyring would probably go a long way to retaining it.

It's not a searchlight, it's not a weapon-light, its a pocket sized keychain light with a very light profile

Here's some links from the vendor:
CA Amazon store
UK Amazon store:
IT Amazon store:

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