Monday, November 30, 2015

Review: Tritensil

My good friend Spencer of SAR Global Tool put me in touch with a maker-buddy of his, Jeff Busboom of JM Boom Concepts who has a nice eating tool which has just come onto the market. This is the Tritensil.

The Tritensil is made from food grade Nylon 66 which is the same material that Cordura fabrics are spun from, which means that it is not only light weight but virtually indestructible in normal use. These 17cm (6 3/5") long utensils which are 3cm (1 1/4") wide at the head, and 2cm (3/4") wide shaft it seems to be a bit wide in the hand, but comfortably so, at only 20g (0.7oz). Thats a lot of utensil for not much mass.

Tritensil provides the full capabilities of a fork, spoon and knife in a two piece set. Not only are the fork tines protected from damage while nesting inside the spoon bowl but the very clever design keeps the two Tritensil pieces snuggly secured to each other, eliminating the tell-tale clink-clank of metal cutlery as well as minimizing the chance of loss.

The spoon/knife portion has ridges along the outside edges when then ride along the internal rails of the fork to for a surprisingly secure combo. The fork tines can stick out a little, but are protected from the twisting/, snagging dangers that plastic-wear often suffers from in packs.

The interlocking design also allows the Tritensil to be configured into an extended Spork by flipping it around an slotting them together, almost doubling the overall useable length for those times you may find yourself eating out of a pouch. No more sticky hands and you plumb the depths of a mylar redoubt.

I also like not having to put a utensil down when eating, so doubling it over like this allows you to eat unmolested without dropping your eating tools in the dirt.

The eating tools are equipped with a 4" ruler, as well as a hole for either a lanyard or a slit ring to retain it. The width of the Tritensil makes it ideal to slip into a PALS/MOLLE channel.

The knife will cut steak, the Tritensil will stack and store, its basically a full set of plastic cutlery that will have you covered. When you compare it to even a set such as the Mountain Design Alpha set, it's really a good step up.

For back-country, deepest darkest forests, cliff-side or crowded and sneaky-handed hospital break-rooms meals, you wont go wrong with a set of Tritensil's.

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