Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Wish Lust: DrinkTanks Offers the World's Largest Growler & Personal Keg

Sometimes hydration takes a second place to tasty beverages, even when you are out adventuring, camping, or doing what it takes to survive. At other times, just having some luxury can make all the difference to morale that can keep you going, and give you the ability to overcome an obstacle.

Sometimes you also want to have enough to share, and thats where growlers come into play

The folks at DrinkTanks have already produced a 64oz model and their 128oz model, the Juggernaut just reached it's Kickstarter goals and will be in production soon. Here's what I can tell you about it.

 The Juggernaut weighs 1.72kg (3.8lbs) with a volume of 3.78L (128 oz, or 1 full gallon, 8 pints) and sits at 37cm (14.75") tall without the kegulator, and 43 (17") tall with the Kegulator on. The body is 15cm (6") wide, and the body to the edge of the handle is 22cm (8.5") wide.

The design incorporated both double wall vacuum insulation to keep beverages cold and a revolutionary dual-bail clip cap system that is leakproof and preserves carbonated beverages, exceedingly longer than any screw cap system.

 The Kegulator, is an auto-regulating CO2 keg cap.
This acts to to keep your growler pressurized, as well as including a dispensing tap. The Kegulator turns the growler into a personal, portable mini keg! This incredible technology allows you to control the CO2 pressure for any beverage ranging from 0-40 psi. Home brewers can now force carbonate small batches without having to bottle condition. This is perfect for me and my mead and cider brewing, but apparently it also suits kombucha lovers who can can use it to gain full control over the carbonation of their brew. The Kegulator is compatible with both our 64 oz and 128 oz growlers.

I was really impressed with the look and functionality that the DrinkTanks team indicated their Juggernaut (and the original Growler) will have, and I backed them. I was thinking of having the ability to haul my rewarding foamy beverages into any abandoned warehouses, on the sides of mountains, or as I wander aimlessly through the Australian bush avoiding the grasping claws of the undead.

I shall do so secure in the knowledge that my beverage will be secure in its double walled, chilled and pressurized Juggernaut.

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