Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Review: Gerber - Crisis Hook knife

Here is another new addition to my collection that comes out of my need to replace items lost when my car was broken into.

I had been keeping a Benchmade 8med Rescue-hook in the sun-visor MOLLE keeper from Zulu Nylon Gear in case of in-car emergencies, which in turn was an addition along with the Benchmade Figure 5 after I lost my original rescue hook, the Gerber Strap Cutter.

So, now I've come full circle with the Gerber Crisis Hook.

I really like this kind of tool. I go to events where fixed blade knives are restricted, but having a blade that can be used to get myself, or others out of trouble without being a big bad pig-sticker.

The Crisis Hook is fitted out with an even bigger handle than any of the previous cutter's which is covered with a textured, skeletonised  rubberized coating. This is shaped with finger groves on the inside, and crenelations for gripping both back and front. The steel that runs through the entirety of the tool is 420HC stainless steel.

The cutting edge is a single bevel housed within a blunt hook as you would expect from this kind of cutter. The entire tool, with its long handle, it a considerable improvement over the three previous rescue tools I've had.

Fitted with an oxygen wrench and a glass breaker point on the pommel with a loop hole for a dummy-cord, this is a robust and hefty tool, and it comes with an appropriately sturdy
friction locking clip sheath, made from the same 499 ballistic molded plastic as the handle.

The sheath is fitted out with a buckle strap, and can take either the included MALICE clip or, as seen here, a single PALS/MOLLE gripping clasp. It held secure to both my chest and on my hip for a weekends camping adventure recently, but was simple enough to shift in the field, even on the go without all the fiddling needed with the MALICE clips. It cuts like a treat, going through seat belt webbing, heavy strapping, 550 paracord and with a little more effort, thick cable-ties with single solid pulls.

I have no doubt that I could cut someone from belt to boot in a few simple, quick cuts if needs be with this. The over-sized handle affords a really solid grip, even with gloves on, and even when wet. It's not a subtle tool, but then again, its not meant to be. This is for getting you and your buddies, or loved ones, out of a jam. So far, it's done nothing but winning.


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  2. Do you need to be over 18 to carry this

    1. I suspect that LEO's would still consider it a knife, and thus the same restrictions as knifes in your area. My suggestion, show the article to a member of your local police and ask their opinion. Or call / email the inquiries line. Victoria Police offer information over the phone, or you can ask "over the counter" with a picture. Stay safe, do the right thing!

  3. Thank you I just didn't want to get one because I didn't know if I could legally carry it

  4. hey Brian, I asked some Victorian Protective Services police last night that I passed, and they said that it counted as a knife, and as such, in Victoria, its legal to own and carry, but ONLY if you have a "legitimate purpose" to do so. That would be "as part of your occupation, or specific activity" [i.e. camping, rescue activity, sporting event that might require emergency equipment etc]. They said the same applied if you were under-18, not illegal to own, illegal to carry without "legitimate purpose". Pretty much what I expected. Not street-wear, not office equipment or school attire. Check with whatever local LE service applies, and go from there!


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