Monday, February 23, 2015

Review: Platatac - LD Dump Pouch

Having added a new black pack to my repertoire of cargo-carriers, in the MR 1DAP so I've been looking into matching accessory pouches. (Pouches, pouches, POUCHES). I have a pretty vast collection of khaki and Multicam pouches already, and I'm not just going to cover new colours of systems I've already reviewed but I also picked up some new ones.  One of these that I immediatly attached to my new pack was the Platatac LD pouch.

The LD Pouch or Little Dump was developed for high-speed, low-drag Special Operations and Dismounted Infantry end users, but it also fits my need profile nicely. I needed the ability to occasionally load up on extra loot, without wanting to carry a big empty bag, or pockets full of plastic shopping bags.

The LD Pouch, when folded up, is barely bigger than its 2 x 2 PALS/MOLLE attachment panels at its back. It only weighs 120g (a bit over 4oz), thanks to its lightweight mess material construction, with 500d Cordura only on its lid and backing. It's a snap to deploy it, even one handed.

When expanded by pulling up the hook-and-loop closure, the pouch opens up to give you a spacious bag for your goodies, be they tools empty magazines, evidence snatched on a raid, snacks for the movies or contraband at the end of a long night. Cordlocks snared in a webbing loop, and feeding out an eyelet give you cinching control, to close the pouch off, and the hook-and-loop lid can either be used to close the pouch, or mated to a corresponding loop field inside the pouch to stow it out of the way.

The pouch itself, being mesh, is quick draining, and breathable, perfect if you have damp gym clothes or a high-profile head you need to get back home. As long as it's a smallish head, I suppose. This isn't meant as a full-sized dump pouch, it's specifically fo small-jobs. The pouch is spacious enough to easily stow 6 or more 5.56 sized magazines (MS Clean gun cleaning kits seen here) to give you an idea.

With three separate mounting options; the 2x2 PALS/MOLLE, a webbing linked tri-glide buckle and broad belt loop wide enough to take any of my duty or rigger belts, the LD is good and modular, as you'd expect from Platatac. This small, utilitarian pouch sits innocuously on the side of my pack, but would equally disappear on my hip, along side my Mark IV pouch and multitool pouches.

I'm all for keeping my hands clear, and as much as I like cargo-pockets on both my pants and kilts, there are definitely times when stuffing some loot in a bag on a pack is superior to shoving them in a thigh pocket.

The LD dump pouch is perfect for that kind of job.

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