Monday, September 29, 2014

Sneak Peek: Ti2 - Sentinel X containers

Just arrived in the mail, following shipping misadventures... I'm really excited about these ... Stay tuned!


  1. I've been thinking about getting some of these since they were first posted on kickstarter but being in a war zone _really_ hampers your ability to get online. I currently using a cheap cigar humidor wrapped in paracord - I popped out the hygrometer and whatever that screen is in the bottom and popped in a nice Japanese compass up on top that glows in the dark after hit with a flashlight (even IR!). It's a cludge but works and keeps out water and the kind of fine sand you see in the desert.

    Other colors are available but I went with black at the time because it was cheap and intended to wrap it to both protect the tube (which is fairly heavy duty) and reduce noise in case it settled near other metal objects in my pack. If you want a picture of it just hit me up on email. Total cost was 1/3 of a sentinel but it is also bigger which I needed to hold replacement electronic parts and a portable soldering kit.

    Doesn't mean I still don't want some finely machined metal. =)


    1. that's an awesome idea Ash, I'll be sure to mention it when I get around to doing a full write up of the SentinelX. Good thinking out in the field, and be sure to stay safe out there!

      Please do send me a picture ( and if you'd like, and it doesn't disrupt OpSec, i'd love to post it ....

    2. Email(s) sent, fat-fingered or stuck keyboard to blame.

      Stay safe,


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