Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Review: Platatac - Leg Rig

I was looking over my collection of gear and realised there were a couple of items that have quietly gone un-reported, little pieces that seemed to take a back seat over their flashier cousins, and I wanted to give them some web-space too

I've shown this piece, in use, a couple of times, in my "No, Really" post, and coupled with its usual attachment, the Young Guns belt. However, it deserves it's own review. This is the 3/4 Leg Rig by Platatac.

I've covered a drop-leg holster in the past, and I have to be honest, they bring out the Han Solo in me ...

This was an early model of their now more mature Leg Rig but it serves me just fine. The three main features of the rig are: a  3 channel by 3 row PALS/MOLLE field, which is built on top of a 1000d Cordura with a stiff plastic reinforced backing platform.

Twin straps wrap around the thigh, and are half elasticized and half webbing backed with hook and loop. This gives you two different ways that you can adjust the fit, as well as it having sufficient flex to accommodate the changing dimensions of the thigh whilst running, climbing or scrambling. Anyone who has worn a non-elastic cuff whilst doing any of that kind of thing will tell you, its no fun. Two bands divides the load, and gives you a better fit to the shape of the thigh.

The "inside" of the rig shows us the way the mounting strap attaches, with a hook backed strap and a loop-faced side on the inside, to avoid abrasion. This gives you a really wide latitude for adjustment up and down, to ensure the best fit for your rig.

This was really good for me, as I have really long skinny legs, getting a thigh rig to sit right can be a real pain for me.  The thigh straps are free-sliding, and run through the middle of the rig, meaning you can customize the buckles and which thigh you wear it on to suit your need.

On top of the mounting strap, connected to a slider ring, is the belt clip. With both a hook and look backing, and two press studs, the belt clip not only bites down hard, and is adjustable for different bet sizes, it can also be woven into the middle of a riggers belt such as the 215Gear Ultimate for an extra secure and non-slip fit.

You can add any PALS/MOLLE capable item to the rig, I usually wear mine with my Drop Gas Mask bag as a dump-pouch, but could just as easily fit it with any 1, 2 or 3 channel PALS/MOLLE kit I wanted. The newer Platatac leg rigs are 4x4, giving the wearer a little more real-estate to mount on, but i have skinny thighs, and plenty of pockets already. I've been considering getting another, in the "more subdued" black to wear out and about, I've had similar rigs in past, but my colour pallet has lightened over the years...

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