Friday, August 10, 2012

Tentstile 2: Update!

You may recall a while back I posted a Wish-Lust item, the rather amazing suspended Tentsile tents and they have put out a press relief, and posted on their Facebook, about a crowd-sourced version of their tents, to make them a little more accessible to the average buyer. The following is from their press release:


Due to the phenomenal level of interest generated by the Tentsile brand since April 2012, we have developed this design for all those who have expressed their support, interest and enthusiasm over the past few months.
Tentsile 2 offers the same unique suspended outdoor experience as the original range but, due to some key adaptations, can also be set up on the ground and be offered at a more attractive price point.
100 units of the Beta version of Tentsile 2 will be released as part of our crowd funding program. Recipients will asked to participate in a user feedback session which will inform the final design, ready for general release in Spring 2013.

Brief Description:
If set up in the air, the tent is entered through the door in the bottom fly sheet. During ground based use, the entrance is through the large front window, giving access to the tensioned fabric floor which provides an incredibly comfortable living and sleeping space.
In suspended position, the tent has a storage area beneath the beds and each hammock benefits from its own window, insect mesh and clip loops. The central pole also boasts an adjustable table with cup holders.

All sheet materials are fire retardant, UV resistant and rot proof. 2 Ounce silicon coated nylon fly sheet.
6 Ounce PU coated texturised nylon Hammocks.
50mm Webbing strap frame.
30mm Aluminum central pole.
1 x Aluminum sleeve and hub piece. 350mm/

Weight Capacity:
The Tentsile Range 2, is manufactured to carry the weight of 3 adults and their gear.

Recommended maximum load capacity:
400 kg 800 lbs

Set-up Time:
As with most things, practice will reduce the time it takes to set up a Tentsile. In a new and untried location, Tentsile 2 set up will take about 20-30 mins. This is reduced to 5-10 mins if you have used the site before and know the locations of your high level attachment points.

BETA Version - $1049
Retail Version - $1499


The IndiGoGo campaign can be found here: so that you too can get involved and see if you can afford one of these awesome tents yourself.

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