Saturday, June 14, 2014

Review: Gearward - 24HSD glow tag

I saw these come up in one of my reader feeds, and saw that there was controversy about them, but felt I should check them out myself rather than just take a knee-jerk response.

I'm a big fan of both glow-in-the-dark kit, and signalling in general, and thought it would be worth your time and mine to cover an item such as this.

This is the 24 Hour Signal Device by Gearward, and it's a no frills day/night signalling tool.

You may recall the  SAR Eclipse Signal System I covered ages ago, and also the SAR MoonGlow disk. This product is in some ways like a combination of those two systems.

Combining a slab of the same moonglow plastic as in the SAR disks, and the terminatorized NukoTool ACDT and a mirror finished chrome tag which acts as a signalling mirror. It came bundled with a strip of ranger-band and a braided, waxed cord.

Both tags are in standard dog-tag size and shape and are drilled with a hole to use as a helioscope for signalling, much like the inner segment of the SESS-c.

Still, whilst it has many similar features, these are quite different products, and I have added this to my collection of EDC alongside the SAR systems and the similar, glowy UVPaqLiteUVP products.

I have added my 24HSD as a fob for my phone, seen here in its Strike Industries SHOX case.

More glow is good glow, as far as I am concerned. The big solid block of glowing plastic gave me many hours of illumination, both enough to find my phone, but also to navigate my keys and wallet contents in a dark room. I found it too bulky for me to add to my already prolific neck decoration collection, where as the SAR disk fits nicely there, but if just adding to an existing dog-tag, for example, it might well be just the ticket.

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