Saturday, January 28, 2012

Review: Crumpler Hillman Hunter

 I wanted to return to review one of my other pieces of rugged, dependable kit. This is the Crumpler Hillman Hunter which I got in the commemorative "Year of the Rabbit" all-red version last year for one of my partners' birthday. Red being her thing. As I've mentioned a few times, I'm all for brand loyalty, especially when the products are what I'm looking for.  As usual, the bag is made of the rugged, hard wearing and water resistant 900D Cordura outer and 150D Cordura Rip-stop lining. Twin Fastex style clips and webbing straps act as a compression closure, much like in my previously reviewed beloved messenger bag but also features a wide strip of reflective SOLAS type tape.
A 38mm wide seat-belt type strap lets the bag ride over a shoulder, across the body, as it features Crumpler's nifty QuickFlick™ buckle system. Inside the bag are a main pocket area and three smaller pockets, the middle of which is hook-and-loop closing. A slightly larger pocket sits on the "outside" of the the main body, but is also covered by the main flap. It is also hook-and-loop fastened, for added security. As well as the Fastex style clips, there are two sets of hook-and-loop pads on the leading edge of the main flap, which affix low down on the body of the bag.

I much prefer the clips over hook-and-loop, but for fast and easy, its hard to go past. As with all Crumpler bags I've encountered, there are always some "hidden" features which never cease to impress. On this pack, it is two external loops in the sides, which can be used to stuff extra pieces of gear that don't quite fit, or are perhaps needed in an instant. a wide mouthed carabiner could be clipped through them for extra attachment points.

This was a much appreciated addition to our household, and I'm glad I found it. It found a happy place in our collection as a every-day nappy bag for Tactical Baby, for times when the MEOP Medical Pouch by Platatac might have been overkill ... Its bright red colouration and reflector strip makes it an ideal carry bag for first-aiding, fast-moving (be it foot, bike or blade) or any other time you want to be seen and give the impression you are prepared for anything.

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